Welcome to E-CIG HUB, first we would like to tell you a little bit of what inspired the creation of this website… Being avid smokers our whole lives, we can genuinely appreciate what electronic cigarettes have done for us. Having a cigarette that is healthier, that we can smoke indoors and that would not hurt those around us (no second hand smoke) really made us obsessed with electronic cigarettes, so much that we decided to make a dedicated review, discount, and news website, justly called E-CIG HUB, the centre for electronic cigarettes in the UK.

“For us, there is no better joy than smoking electronic cigarettes.”

Elizabeth Morgan is the founder of E-CIG HUB and her passion for electronic cigarettes started when she first heard of the new healthy alternative to smoking a few years back. She quickly converted to an “e-cig user” and she explains feeling as if she should tell the rest of the United Kingdom how great this invention really is, “so I decided to start a website dedicating all my time to electronic cigarettes!” She continues to state that she didn’t want to make your run of the mill kind of website; she wanted to create an e cig website with an active community of loyal electronic cigarette users like herself! elizabeth-morgan-signature

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