Viewers Shocked by Sexual VIP E-Cig Ad

An ITV commercial promoting a brand of electronic cigarettes which was aired during the show I’m a Celebrity has caught the attention of the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for being too sexual. The ad starring Joey Essex and Amy Willerton was shown during the break and appeared to show a woman enticing a man with offers of oral sex.

The ad which appeared soon after 9 p.m. was replete with suggestive phrases dished out by a stunning woman in a black cocktail dress.

The lady, without specifying what she alludes to, goes on to suggest that she wants you to get it out, put it in her mouth, going to the extent of stating that she wants to experience its great taste.

However, the viewer finds out towards the end of the commercial that the product being promoted is an electronic cigarette marketed under the brand VIP.

A host of viewers complained to the ITV management saying that the ad lacked taste and claimed that it sexualised electronic cigarettes.

Twitter users logged onto the social media platform to register their displeasure over the commercial which was aired on Monday.

Louise Edwards expressed her disgust through her tweet at the official account of ITV stating that she objected to the wrong messages that the young people watching ‘ I’m a celebrity’ were being exposed to, through the VIP electronic cigarette ad.

A teenager told of the awkward moments he went through with his parents as soon as the ad was shown on TV.

Another ad showing similar suggestive talk, this time by a man , was also aired.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) said that it had taken up the matter and investigations had begun. A spokesman for the ASA confirmed that numerous complaints had been made by viewers objecting to both ads.

The ASA stated that the two ads, one of which features a woman while the other shows a man, who both speak directly to the camera were objected to by the complainants either on the grounds that overly sexual and offensive language was used or for the reason that the ad was perceived to glamorise and sexualise electronic cigarettes and smoking.

The ASA also confirmed the launch of a formal investigation into the issue.

Manufacturers of VIP electronic cigarette responded saying that the commercial was created in keeping with the EU ban on displaying e-cigarettes on-screen.