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The VAPESTICK is one of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes on the marketplace and one that is commonly sold in retail shops. The Classic Starter Kit presents many of the features that VAPESTICK is known for and is perhaps the most popular representation of the product itself.

VAPESTICK is an electronic cigarette or e-cig that takes the place of their traditional tobacco counterparts. E-cigs have the appearance of a tobacco cigarette, but do not contain any tobacco or the carcinogens that cause cancer. Instead, the VAPESTICK consists of three pieces, the atomizer, cartridge and battery which form together to create the e-cig. When the smoker inhales on the end, the battery activates the atomizer which in turn heats the flavor liquid in the cartomizer that contains the nicotine. The liquid is turned into water vapor and absorbed into the lungs. The VAPESTICK is safe to use in public and does not pose a health risk like tobacco.

The VAPESTICK Classic Starter Kit consists of the following;

  • Two Atomizers
  • Two Batteries
  • Ten Cartridges
  • Charger and instructions

The battery is slightly smaller than some of the e-cigs on the market today. This actually helps the entire unit look very much like a tobacco cigarette. The battery itself is quite responsive and provides enough power for a 6 to 7 hour use. However, given that there are two batteries available, having a freshly charged one is usually no problem.

If there is a downside, it is the lack of a portable charging case which often looks like a standard pack of cigarettes. The lack of such a case means that you have to take the main charger with you in order to quickly recharge your battery. The portable charging case is available separately or by upgrading your original order to a more advanced starting kit. However, having a freshly charged battery being an issue is only relevant if you are constantly on the move and have no place to keep your standard charger plugged in.

The ten cartridges are rather plentiful for a standard starter kit, especially when they last around 100 puffs each. However, VAPESTICK does still use the “old fashioned” three piece design as opposed to the 2 piece design which is more common in newer electronic cigarette models. Three piece designs can be somewhat fiddly, although the refill cartridges are generally a bit cheaper if the atomizer is separate. Be sure to check out our VAPESTICK discount code above to get more savings!

There are different flavors and strengths found in the these ten cartridges ranging from original, tobacco, menthol and a single apple flavor. In this manner, you can try them out and then re-order the ones that you enjoy. Also, you can select the strength of the nicotine as well from zero to 15mg or so. For those looking at quitting smoking entirely, the ability to gradually dial down the nicotine is a definite plus.

Overall, the impression that the VAPESTICK leaves will depend on whether you enjoy the three piece design or want a simpler two piece set up. Otherwise, the VAPESTICK is a dependable, high quality electronic cigarette perfect for those looking to quit smoking or save money by switching away from tobacco products. Save money when you use the VAPESTICK discount code above!