Socialites Zero Review 2018
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Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarettes is another emerging electronic cigarette company attempting to capture their own share of the flourishing market. The company markets everything from tank-based and 2-piece electronic cigarette to e-juices and accessories. Socialites provides those that purchase directly from their website or from authorized deals with a 28-day warranty on all orders. A total of twenty-two different cartomiser flavours are currently offered from Socialites Zero in four different nicotine strengths. Flavours range from traditional tobacco to unconventional tastes such as watermelon and coffee.

Although five 2-piece electronic cigarette starters are marketed, they are all identical with only the cartomiser flavor varied. These kits go for £19.99, placing them in a cost-conscious e-cigarette sub-market. Each kit comes packed with 1x rechargeable battery, 1x USB charger, 2x cartomisers and 1x instruction manual. This review will focus on the 2-piece electronic cigarette starter with menthol flavour and how it stacks up against other e-cigarette starters on the market.

Reasons to Buy

  • Flavour
  • Low Price

Reasons to Reconsider

  • No PCC
  • Single Battery

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Socialites Zero Review – Aesthetics

The Cool Menthol Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit arrives in a neat matte cardboard box reminiscent of a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes. A modern-esque image of a green fireball against a black background can be found on the front face indicative of the “Cool Menthol” flavour contained. Inside the box are a rechargeable battery, USB charger, two cartomisers and an instruction card.

“modern-esque image of a green fireball against a black background”

Socialites Zero’s electronic cigarette device is a 2-piece system comprised of the battery and cartomiser. Screwing the two together completes assemble, allowing users to vape. Grey lines encircle the mostly white battery with an LED light found at the end. The cartomiser is white with clear labeling of its flavour. Overall, it’s a rather commonplace look for an electronic cigarette in the current market.

Socialites Zero Review – Flavour & Vaping

A whopping twenty-two cartomiser flavours are currently offered by Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarettes. This list includes: Blackberry, USB Blend Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Virginia Blend Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Platinum Tobacco, Red Energy, Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Cherry, Banana, Coconut, Bubble Gum, Watermelon, Chocolate, Coffee, Peach, Blueberry, Peanut Butter, Grape and Vanilla. Most flavours are offered in four variations of nicotine strength even including a zero nicotine concentration. This option is likely to appeal to those looking to rid themselves of their nicotine addiction.

Assembly of the two-piece Socialites Zero e-cigarette device requires screwing the cartomiser into the battery. Taking a drag then activates the automatic battery to supply power to the atomiser producing the vapour. Vapour production from the e-cig was sufficient but nothing impressive compared to other e-cigs on the market. I found the Cool Menthol cartomiser flavour to be rather refreshing.

socialites-zero-cartomizer socialites-zero-tank-kit

Socialites Zero Review – Technical Features & Battery

socialites-zero-battery socialites-zero-charger The Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes packed with a single automatic rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This means that nothing is required to begin vaping except a drag. Blue and red LED-tip batteries are offered by Socialites Zero E-Cigs. The company does offer a carrying case but unfortunately there isn’t a portable charging case available. This is disappointing considering a great deal of comparable electronic cigarette companies do offer the convenience of a PCC. Might be something Socialites Zero will want to consider adding to their product line during their revision?
“encouraged to opt for an extra battery” Charging of the Socialites Zero battery is simple and requires the screwing in of the battery into the USB adapter, which is in turn, plugged into an appropriate power supply. The charge time of the automatic battery is in line with industry’s norms. Users that are usually on the go are encouraged to opt for an extra battery to get them through an entire day without a charge source. Overall, Socialites Zero has some room for improvement in its technology. socialites-zero-case A 30-day return policy is available to buyers of Socialites Zero products if purchased through their main website. This policy explicitly excludes devices purchased from third-party vendors.

Socialites Zero Review – About The Company

“Their products are available online and at retail stores”Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarettes is an e-cig distributor and manufacturing company based out of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The company distributes both tank-based and 2-piece electronic cigarette devices in addition to e-juices and e-cigarette accessories. Their products are available online and at retail stores specified on their website. Socialites Zero’s customer service support staff is available starting at 9am, 7 days a week. Customer support lines close at 8pm Monday through Friday, with Weekend hours ending at 5:30pm.

  • Declan

    Starting using these a few days ago. Tried various brands, this one is the best so far and the flavours are good, using the Gold ones. 5 cartridges for £10, great value

    • Fire cracker

      I started using socialise tank a week ago. Can anyone help? I have no idea if I’m over using it, as I’m unsure on the usage. I feel quite ill, so might of inhaled to much?

      • Rachel

        Hi if you feel your using it to much I would try using a higher strength and that should help. I was a heavy smoking and have been using the tank for over 6 months and quite regular and it’s never made me feel ill so I don’t think that’s the problem. To be honest it doesn’t matter if your puffing on it all day it’s still going to be better for you ah. Good look with it

  • Ren 1965

    4 days in and doing well. I chose this brand as there was a stall in my local shopping centre. I have since been on line and ordered other flavours. Good delivery speed. I have gone from 30 fags a day to using Socialites e-cig. Feel good. Tastes Ok. So far so good. Product is easy to use.

  • Jenny

    I’ve been using Socialites zero for a couple of months now and have got 3 of their chargers. They are really poor quality and break so easily. I would not recommend this company to anyone! I am definitely going to pay a bit extra for an e-cig which will last longer

  • Roach

    I used to have this but the one battery only thing really was not suitable for me.

  • Giles

    My friend bought me the very same menthol pack reviewd, must say it does exactly what it says on the tin, 3 days in and lookin good

  • Evan

    I really wonder how many people need two batteries. For myself, one is fine.

  • Dave

    i received my Socialite E-Cig at Christmas. Haven’t smoked a normal Cigarette since i started vaping. The only Faults i have noticed is that after 2 weeks my battery has started not charging. I am having to pull quite hard to get a decent drag. i looked on-line to see why this could be and to see that it could be something i have done wrong, it seems the batteries themselves are disposable and require a lot of maintenance to keep them going. i don’t know if other brands are similar but i find this to be a bad point.

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  • John

    I started using the tank on 19 August last year – it’s now 20 Jan and i’ve not had one cig. 154 days and £710 cig money saved. Worked out it’s been costing me around 7-8 quid a week to keep vaping. I’m still using the same original two batteries too – just make sure you don’t under or overcharge them and they last.