Liberro Review 2017
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Based out of Hertfordhire, Liberro Electronic Cigarettes was founded by a former smoker and founding member of ECITA, Simon Christou. Liberro has since expanded to become a distributor of e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, e-liquids and accessories. Under their specialty of electronic cigarettes, they currently offer a disposable and rechargeable version. The disposable e-cig line is appropriately named the Liberro Go while their most popular rechargeable e-cigarette is named the Realis. Within the Realis e-cig line are three kits named the Lite, Starter and Ultimate. It should come as no surprise that the Lite is the most limited in terms of contents and the Ultimate the most feature rich. Sandwiched between these two kits is the Realis Starter Pack that includes: (2) rechargeable batteries, (6) disposable cartomisers, (1) personal charge case, (1) USB charge cable, (1) 30ml UK Purity eLiquid bottle and the user guide. With a market price of £35.00, this starter kit is the most popular and competitive kit offered by Liberro. Comparable e-cigarette kits offered by competitors include the JACVAPOUR V1P Starter and Vapouriz Gemini Pro Kit. Let’s move forward onto the review of the Liberro Realis Starter Kit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Feature-rich PCC
  • Small Size

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Rough draw
  • JAC Vapour V1P PCC
  • Short battery life

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Liberro Review – Aesthetics

The Liberro Realis Starter Kit arrives in a medium sized box with clear labeling indicating the contents and common warnings. Nothing fancy here or out of the ordinary here. Pulling up on the top portion reveals the user guide, which is rather concise and sufficient. The included personal charge case has a quality matte black colour with the Liberro branding across the front. A small LED display is located on the face of the PCC, which provides for convenient indication of battery charge level. A nice feature of the PCC is that it has a light that allows users to view the contents of the PCC in a dark setting. The USB charge cable is unimpressively generic but operates just fine. Inside the PCC, you’ll find one 87mm assemble e-cigarette, a rechargeable battery and five cartomisers.

“reasonably close in size to that of a traditional cigarette”

In a separate box, customers will find their bonus 30ml UK Purity e-liquid bottle. The e-cigarette itself is somewhat reminiscent of a traditional tobacco cigarette but has distinct lines running lengthwise across the battery. A spotted orange-yellow colouring similar to a cork is located on the cartomisers, which strongly resembles the cartomisers offered by Vape Club and Lucky8s. Clear Liberro branding is located in their trademark font encircling the end of the battery that attaches to the cartomiser. The Realis electronic cigarette from Liberro is much smaller than their competitors, making it reasonably close in size to that of a traditional cigarette. Overall, the aesthetics of the Liberro Realis are nothing impressive but definitely nothing that should push potential customers away.

Liberro Review – Flavour & Vaping

Liberro currently provides buyers with a flavouring option of either their original or menthol. Both contain a nicotine content of 1.8% (18mg). The bonus 30ml e-liquid currently being offered was restricted to the Knightsbridge flavour and normally costs an additional 9 quid.

Much like the vast majority of the electronic cigarette market, Liberro’s Realis e-cig features a 2-piece system consisting of a cartomiser and battery. In order to vape, one must simply screw the cartomiser into the battery and take a drag. Taking a drag causes the LED light at the battery end to illuminate at which time a vapour will be produced. The Realis e-cig produced a surprising amount of vapour for such a small device. The original tobacco flavouring was mediocre and was somewhat rougher than one would expect from an electronic cigarette.

liberro-case liberro-cartomiser

Liberro Review – Technical Features & Battery

liberro-lite-starter-kit liberro-battery A 90mAh lithium ion battery is featured in the Realis rechargeable electronic cigarette, which isn’t much compared to competitors. This can be mainly attributed to Liberro’s decision to create a significantly smaller electronic cigarette. Nevertheless, the included PCC is rated at 1200mAh, which should be more than sufficient to allow you to vape for one and a half days without needing a power source. Full charging of the e-cigarette battery using the PCC took me about 2 hours while the PCC takes about 3 hours. The included PCC offers the unique ability to view the contents while in a dark setting with a light that turns on when users press the button on the front. Additionally, a clear LED display is apparent indicating to users the level of charge that their PCC has remaining.

liberro-realis “unique ability to view the contents while in a dark setting” Liberro varies their warranty based on the product’s specific purpose and identity. Consumable products such as cartridges, cartomisers and tips can only be replaced if they are discovered to be faulty upon arrival. Electronic products such as the PCC, battery and atomiser, are covered by Liberro’s warranty policy for a period of 4 weeks from the date of delivery.

Liberro Review – About The Company

“customer support staff lines are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm”After using an electronic cigarette for the first time in 2008, Simon Christou and his wife, Emma founded Liberro Electronic Cigarettes. Liberro is an electronic cigarette distributor based out of Hertfordshite. The first Liberro retail location opened its door in 2012 near its distribution center in Buntingford, Herfordshire. Liberro was one of the originally founding members of ECITA. Their customer support staff lines are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm with the exclusion of national and bank holidays. Additional customer support is available via their Live Chat feature on their main website.

  • beebee

    I am totally disappointed with this company, the product is ok if you manage to buy it! They hardly keep stock and when you run out of liquid or tips, you have to wait and wait and wait. If you are addicted to nicotine you can’t wait, so frustating. Customer service is good but they will send you whatever they have available rather than what you have actually ordered.

  • pagiem

    I have been using the Liberro Realis for almost a year and was very happy until recently. The last batch of batteries are definitely of a lower quality. They don’t last long before needing to be charged and I am definitely getting through more liquid because of this. I had to return the last 2 batteries I received as one didn’t screw into the charging unit and the other didn’t hold the charge for long. They replaced them with new ones which are also of a low quality, running out of charge quickly and too long in length to close the case properly. What a shame. Time for pastures new I think.

  • YogaDoc

    Agree with everything pagiem has said. Been using them for a year and was very happy but they’ve changed the batteries so that they don’t always fit the PCC or screw in properly. The last four times I’ve visited their site, they’ve been out of stock of something or other. I jumped ship to Jac Vapour a few weeks ago because of these problems. Pleased so far…..

  • musosnoop

    This is a terrible company who should not be trusted by anyone. If you have to deal with them due to a problem you will ultimately end up dealing with ultra defensive and aggressive staff – who cloak themselves under a thinly veiled aura of passiveness. (they are nothing of the sort).

    I had an unfortunate dealing with them which has to be about the most stressful dealings with any company Ive ever dealt with. They simply do not adhere to the notion of customer service or have any understanding that good customer service will lead to loyal customers.

    If anything goes wrong with an online order they immediately go in to extreme defensive mode and attempt to put the blame squarely on you. You know your in trouble when they blatantly lie and make up stories of what you supposedly said on an answer machine. The lie of me swearing infected the entire office it seems – even though none of them except for the actual liar in their office had listened to the message.

    A female member of staff used the faux abuse excuse and slammed down the phone because I was shouting. I absolutely was not shouting, my voice was merely raised which is natural when dealing with an evasive company/staff member who was more interested in putting the problem squarely on to my shoulders. When I was having none of that out came the faux excuse and subsequent phone slamming routine. A second call later in the day passed on to a manger resulted in the very same thing and I was totally careful not to speak above my natural whisper. This time she was busy – she had work to do – Ahem…is customer service not part of your work. But why stop a handy phone slamming routine when it seems to work.

    Bottom line – Avoid this company at all costs. If your parcel doesn’t arrive or you have an issue with a product they will do everything they can to shyster you out of your money. I mean seriously – I was told to hop across to the main post office sorting office (which is miles away) and ask them to search their premises for a parcel. That simply doesn’t happen unless its a registered or recorded delivery parcel which this was not. Liberro think their customers are idiots.

    I gave them every opportunity to remedy the situation. Send a new parcel, refund, credit note or whatever. But no – all they wanted was for me to wait another 15 days and if the parcel doesn’t turn up I can get a refund.

    Now heres the rub!. I know for certain at least two of the items I ordered were not in stock. I had a friend call up and ask for one of the very same things..So instead of telling me this they decide to play a big game. its all about getting your money. They are a company who clearly do not stock what they claim to – and that is how they operate.


  • terry

    Based out of Herfordshite?! That’s a little harsh…