JacVapour Review 2018
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JAC Vapour is a Scotland-based distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories with aspirations of capturing its own share of the UK e-cigarette market. Founded in 2010 by an ex-smoker, JAC Vapour offers a great deal of options for users in the area of e-cig battery size, strength, colour, cartomiser flavours, e-liquids, as well as the choice between automatic and manual batteries. Disposable electronic cigarette apparatuses are also available from JAC Vapour and can be found as a starter kit. Current cartomiser flavours offered by JAC Vapour include: cappuccino, cherry, menthol, mint, tobacco, tobacco reds USA, tobacco virgin, vanilla. For those looking to use their favorite e-liquids, JAC Vapour also has blank cartomisers, blank tanks and re-buildable tanks. 4 nicotine content levels are available ranging from 6mg to 24mg.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ability to refill with e-liquids
  • Plethora of options available
  • Price

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Duration of Warranty
  • LED tip branding

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JAC Vapours laundry list of options extends to their lines of e-cig batteries, which range in length from 48mm to a whopping 96mm. It should come as not surprise that battery lengths are proportional to their mAh ratings. JAC Vapour currently offers customers a total of 13 electronic cigarette starter kits ranging in price from as little as £4.99 for the disposable starter to £53.99 for their premium variable voltage manual starter. The JACVapour V1P PCC starter kit begins at £35.99 and contains what would satisfy the majority of entry-level e-cig users. The V1P PCC starter kit includes: (1) V1P personal charge case, (1) USB PCC charge cable, (1) mixed bungs pack, (1) choice of battery, (5) choice of cartomisers and (1) e-cigarette manual. A second battery, secondary USB charge cable and USB to Mains adapter are also available as add-on options. Let’s move onto the aesthetics of the JACVapour review for the V1P starter.

JacVapour Review – Aesthetics

The JAC Vapour V1P PCC Starter Kit comes boxed in an unassuming medium sized white cardboard box. The make and model of the kit are clearly visible as are the contents and some key details. JAC Vapour gives users the option to choose between a glossy black, graphite or glossy white personal charge case (PCC). I opted for the glossy black, which I found to be rather pleasant in appearance but prone to fingerprint smudging. The PCC has a top sliding mechanism that reveals two 65mm 180mAh black batteries (your batteries will vary based on your order). A unique rotating screw-in charging port is found in the PCC that allows users to swing out the battery being charged to unfasten. The matte black batteries have a smooth rubber coating that make them easy to grasp. I’ve never been a fan of bungs and the included bungs are no exception, making the entire kit seem somewhat cheap.

“matte black batteries have a smooth rubber coating that make them easy to grasp”

Moving past the intuitive user guide, I found the cartomisers seated on the bottom of the box in a matte black box with stickers denoting the contents. The 35mm tobacco cartomisers were a matte black colour identical to that of the battery. The entire assembled electronic cigarette device I ordered measured 120mg and weighed slightly over 16 grams. Flavour and nicotine content labeling are imprinted encircling the cartomiser while the battery model is printed onto the battery end. A narrow silver ring joins the battery and cartomiser. I found the logo on the LED tip to be a tacky touch, as vaping will allow bystanders to see the branding through the light. Despite the LED logo, I found throughout my JacVapour review that the JAC Vapour electronic cigarette to be fairly aesthetically pleasing.

JacVapour Review – Flavour & Vaping

The JAC Vapour V1P PCC starter kit gives users the ability to choose between cartomiser flavours: cappuccino, cherry, menthol, mint, tobacco, tobacco reds USA, tobacco virgin or vanilla. 5 nicotine strengths are offered ranging from zero content to “very high” 24mg. Assembling the JAC Vapour automatic electronic cigarette is rather easy and requires users to screw the battery into a cartomiser of their choice.

In order to begin vaping, one must simply take a drag, at which time the blue LED tip will illuminate and vapour produced. Vaping produces that all too familiar high-pitched sound that’s only created by electronic cigarettes. During the JACVapour review, I found that the JAC Vapour e-cigarette formed a sufficient amount of vapour without much effort. One minor quibble I had with the JAC Vapour device was that the plastic tip would occasionally fall off the cartomiser prompting me to search for the missing piece. The 18mg tobacco flavour included in my personally configured V1P starter kit was not disappointing, as it resembled a traditional tobacco taste.

jacvapour-case jacvapour-cartomiser

JacVapour Review – Technical Features & Battery

jacvapour-battery jacvapour-coloured-battery-tips JAC Vapour V1P PCC Starter Kit’s piano black personal charge case is rated at 1200 mAh and was fairly straightforward to use. The charge case has the ability to hold one assembled e-cigarette and one battery being charged. I found this to be somewhat disappointing as the PCC could easily house at least one additional cartomiser. Charging of the PCC is accomplished using the included generic mini-USB charge cable, which plugs into the left side of the PCC. To charge e-cig batteries using the PCC, users must screw the battery into the rotating charge port and wait for the LED tip to either go out or dim. Complete charging of the 65mm 180mAh battery took me roughly 2 hours using the PCC. During my JacVapour review, I found that this is a reasonable figure and fairly close to JAC Vapour’s suggested charge time.
jacvapour-charging-case “unique rotating screw-in charging port is found in the PCC” Most JAC Vapour products have a standard 14-day money back guarantee and warranty. Cartomisers and e-liquids are exempted from this list of products covered due to their disposable nature. The “no quibble” return policy stipulates that the original buyers must notify JAC Vapour within 14 days of their purchase that they intend to return the products. JAC Vapour also guarantees their batteries and charging components for a minimum of 42 days with personal charge cases carrying a guarantee of 4 months. As with most warranties, products that are tampered with will be automatically excluded from these policies. Furthermore I found while conducting the JacVapour review that their warranty does not extend to cover shipping outside the UK.

JacVapour Review – About The Company

“Based out of Scotland, the company was founded by a former smoker”JAC Vapour is a supplier and distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories in the UK. Based out of Scotland, the company was founded by a former smoker with the intention of providing a quality-controlled electronic cigarette alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Established in 2010, the company is relatively new in the electronic cigarette market and offers customer support exclusively via email. JAC Vapour’s normal business hours are 9am- 6pm during the week and their website mentions that most e-mails will receive a reply within 24 hours.

  • Bobby

    I’ve always believed that e-cigs should be refillable and am glad to see that this one is. Just ordered the VIP starter kit. I’ll comment again after I get a chance to use it.

  • Bobby K

    Hi, another Bobby here. Just to say that I have been using the Jac Vape since Oct 2012, and have not touched a cigarette since. E cigs are a wonderful alternative, and Jac Vapour is, I believe, one of the better ones. Go with two 900 mah batteries and you will be set for good.

  • Sharon

    I bought a starter kit to try and help me cut down on cigarettes. I would never say I was giving up as I never thought I could after smoking for around 27 years.
    I received and started using the kit on 17th April 13, I haven’t had a cigarette since. I am still astounded at how well these work and that I have managed to give up cigarettes so easily.

  • Roach

    This looks good, I need a new option and this seems positive (giving the review itself and the comments below) The price is appealing but I dislike the length of the warranty, I will have to look into it further.

  • jenny

    I am very happy to see a refill option on this eCig, That is what makes them more useful in my opinion. Thank you for the the share and very detailed review!

  • Arnold

    Could not be happier with my V1P pcc starter. I prefer the looks of the white batteries over black.

  • Roach

    This is honestly the best ecig I have seen around so far. Well worth the money!

  • Jim

    A very high quality product in my eyes. Worth it for the more regular user.

  • Jack Stas

    I completely love how this e-cig has the option to refill. I will for sure be buying this in the future for my friend. So many positive reviews!

  • Tom

    Warranty is way to short. consider buying your ecig locally. The cartomizers don’t last as long as many people claim and are hard to get hold of, unless of course you buy them from Jacvapour. I had lots of problems with the charger and one of the two batteries packed in just after the warranty expired. Battery life is diabolical short. You will keep charging them all the time worrying about running out of charge. Sorry, not recommended at all!