ClearSmoke Reviews 2017
4.6our score

ClearSmoke is based locally out of Scotland and has gained notability with their offering of a 15-day Trial Offer. Those interested must keep in mind that they’re only be responsible for postage & packaging fees if returned in the allotted 15-days otherwise get slammed with a £59.95 “trial fee”. ClearSmoke’s UK-based customer support staff is available 7-days a week using their direct phone line. Utilizing the ever-popular 2-piece electronic cigarette system, the company heavily advertises the financial and health benefits of switching from traditional cigarettes to their electronic cigarettes. The company restricts customer options in the area of kits with their current offering a single starter kit known as the “ClearSmoke Premium” (suggested market price of £89.95). This review will focus specifically on this kit, which can often be found at a discounted rate. Nevertheless, I found it odd that a starter kit in the +£50 price range would lack a personal charge case. If you’re set on a starter kit with a personal charging case, I suggest you take a look at the highly comparable SkyCig Freedom kit or E-Lites E-Pro 4 Kit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Traditional look
  • 12 additional cartomisers

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Lack of Charge Case
  • High Price

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ClearSmoke Reviews – Aesthetics

The ClearSmoke Premium starter kit arrived promptly in a simple black box with the brands logo. Removal of the top reveals an information card, user guide and two smaller boxes. The box sitting above contained: (1) USB charge cable, (4) tobacco refill cartomisers, and (2) batteries. The smaller box below contained the mains adapter. Like most other e-cig brands, the charging components looked fairly generic. I was also able to get the 12 additional e-cig cartomiser refills as part of their current promotion. Potential buyers should note that ClearSmoke allows users to choose their nicotine strength but not the flavour.

“appeal to those who desire the look of tobacco cigarettes.”

The assembled electronic cigarette apparatus has a solid weight to it and features two blue rings (indicating tobacco flavour) that encircle the cartomiser end. I found the overall appearance to be somewhat similar to that of a traditional cigarette but nothing special. Definitely an aesthetic feature that will appeal to those who desire the look of tobacco cigarettes.

ClearSmoke Reviews – Flavour & Vaping

The premium kit from ClearSmoke gives buyers the option of their nicotine strength of choice: light, medium and strong. These contain nicotine contents of 11 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg, respectively. Although not offered as an option on their starter kit, flavours such as Marlboro, Camel, cherry, mint and nicotine-free are available in addition to the standard tobacco. To vape, user must simply screw the battery into the cartomiser and take a drag. Vaping was rather easy to accomplish and packed quite a bit of vapour for its size. However, I ordered the medium strength and found the flavour to be a bit too subtle for my personal taste.

ClearSmoke Reviews – Technical Features & Battery

“design prevents users from easily refilling with their own e-liquids and as a result might be a deal breaker” The ClearSmoke battery screws into the USB charge cable, which can then be plugged directly into a computer or into the included mains adapter. Initial charging from empty of the batteries took roughly 120 minutes for “calibration”. After the initial charge, I found that 80 minutes would fully charge the batteries when plugged into the mains. The batteries lasted a several hours of heavy vaping before needing another charge.
Again, another reason why many electronic cigarette companies are starting to include a personal charge case. The 2-piece design also prevents users from easily refilling with their own e-liquids and as a result might be a deal breaker for some.

ClearSmoke warranties their electronic cigarette components for a maximum of one year from the purchase date. This one-year warranty includes all ClearSmoke USB charging cables, wireless USB chargers and mains adapters. Batteries are considered consumable products and as such, are limited to a 3-month warranty period.

ClearSmoke Reviews – About The Company

“warranties their electronic cigarette components for a maximum of one year” Founded in 2009, ClearSmoke is based out of West Lothian, Scotland and is an electronic cigarette manufacturer and distributor. The company is limited to a single kit, which is based on their 2-piece electronic cigarette system with the atomiser built into the refill cartridge. ClearSmoke’s customer support team is available on the phone 7 days a week between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

  • Werner

    My advice is don’t! They tried to charge me 60£ after having advertised it as a free starter kit, admittedly it says so in the small print in the t&c but to me it’s as close as you can get to false advertising. When I told them I’d send it back they let me have it for 15£ with another 12 refills so I kept it and ordered the Marlboro Light equivalent refills. They don’t taste bad, a bit sweet actually but most of the refills start tasting bad well before they’re finished. I’ve also had a few that hardly have anything in them, the last one just now. Really dissapointed with them, there have to be better ones about

  • G.

    Don’t rate this kit much. LIke some other customers, when I said I would send the kit back, I was offered the choice to keep it with some extra refills, which I accepted. The cartomiser doesn’t last as long as the manufacturer states, the box is soon used up, and I am not that heavy a smoker. As yet, unfortunately, I have not replaced these totally as an alternative to cigarettes, and will probably look to try another brand recommended by friends .

  • DiXXXy

    I signed up for the trial thinking they were pushing the hardware out as a loss leader to get people to buy the refills. Then a refill pack arrived with a £30 charge. I asked them why and they said they had also charged me £60 for the kit AND £30 for refills. I went ballistic as I had seen no T&Cs or any such agreement. They refunded my £30 but I’m going to have to go further to get the £60 back. It’s unbelievable that this still happens. I’m with Werner; false advertising and banking on people missing the small print. They’re very overpriced too – stay clear of clear smoke!