10 Motives Review 2017
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10 Motives is a distributor of rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes, as well as accessories. The company is currently based out of Sandbach, Cheshire with a customer service support staff available during normal business hours during the weekdays. 10 Motives markets a total of three rechargeable electronic cigarette kits: Regular V2 Rechargeable, Menthol Rechargeable, and the i-Vape. The former two bundles are sold for £13.99, while the i-Vape goes for £39.99. In addition, the company does sell electronic cigars, refill cartomisers, carrying cases and an a la carte personal charging case.

The i-Vape electronic cigarette starter kit includes 2x rechargeable batteries, 4x cartomiser refills, personal charging case, and a USB charging cable. This places the 10 Motives i-Vape in the same category of starter kits as the JacVapour V1P PCC Starter and Green Smoke Express Kit. Let’s take a closer look at how the i-Vape stacks up against the competition.

Reasons to Buy

  • Retro Design

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Mediocre flavour
  • Mediocre vapour production

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10 Motives Review – Aesthetics

10 Motives packs two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a USB charging cable, personal charge case and 4 cartomisers into their i-Vape e-cigarette starter kit. Everything is packed neatly into the kit. The first thing you’re likely to notice is the personal charge case, which is primarily black with the 10 Motives brand name printed along the front face. Additionally, the PCC features an orange-yellow vertical stripe and a battery indicator on the lower body.

“first thing you’re likely to notice is the personal charge case”

As for the electronic cigarette itself, 10 Motives has chosen to use a 2-piece design. The company seems to be aiming for a look reminiscent of traditional tobacco cigarettes with a white battery and cork-colored cartomiser. Evenly spaced lines are also found encircling the body of the battery along with the company’s logo. As usual, a light illuminates when users take a drag. Overall, I feel 10 Motives has succeeded with the look of their PCC and e-cigs. However, I wasn’t impressed with the battery indicator that just seems out of place on such a retro design.

10 Motives Review – Flavour & Vaping

Presently, 10 Motives Electronic Cigarette offers a total of twelve cartomiser flavours for buyers to try with everything except “regular” being offered with only the 16mg nicotine strength. The “regular” is also offered in 18mg and 11mg nicotine strengths. Additional flavours include: Menthol, Blueberry, Peach, Grape, Watermelon, Cherry, Chocolate, Classic American, Coffee, Strawberry and Vanilla. Interested buyers should keep in mind that only Menthol and Regular are available stock with rechargeable kits, which means less conventional flavours must be purchased separately.

Assembly of the 10 Motives i-Vape e-cigarette is no different than the majority of 2-piece electronic cigarettes on the market. Users must simply screw the cartomiser into the battery and take a drag to begin the process of vaping. I found the “regular” flavour to be sufficient but nothing special relative to the large electronic cigarette market. Vapour production was also fairly mediocre, which may be a plus for those not looking for a huge vapour cloud. Overall, the i-Vape e-cigarette fails to stand out against the largely competitive number of comparable electronic cigarettes on the market today.

10-motives-cartomizer 10-motives-rechargeable-kit

10 Motives Review – Technical Features & Battery

10-motives-battery 10-motives-charger Packed into the i-Vape Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit are two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Both batteries are identical and feature the 10 Motives logo in fairly large print near the batter-cartomiser junction. The personal charging case included is a matte black colour with a battery indicator screen toward the bottom of the front face. The indicator allows for users to see the current battery level of the PCC and whether or not it needs to be recharged. Charging of the i-Vape PCC is accomplished by plugging one end of the USB charge cable into the PCC and the other into a USB power source. The entire PCC charges within hours and should provide sufficient battery life to get the average user through a typical workday without needing to recharge.
“indicator allows for users to see the current battery level of the PCC” 10 Motives does not explicitly warranty any of their electronic cigarette devices with the exception of their batteries. This is common amongst electronic cigarette companies as the consumable and unhygienic nature of cartomisers make it seemingly pointless to return. Reuse of returned cartomisers would be unethical to say the least. Batteries purchased from 10 Motives carry a warranty period of 3-months from the date of purchase. 10-motives-case

10 Motives Review – About The Company

“dispatches the majority of in-stock products purchased directly from their website within 24 hours”Ten Motives Electronic Cigarette is a distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories based out of Sandbach, Cheshire. The company originally sold its products through the UK grocery and retail giant, Tesco. Ten Motives dispatches the majority of in-stock products purchased directly from their website within 24 hours. Their customer service support staff is available over the phone, via email or by snail mail. Customer service business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday with the exception of public holidays.

  • unhappysmoker

    Worst e-cig ever! (I’ve tried a few) I bought 2 in Sainsburys and neither lasted longer than a few puffs. I complained to site + was told I had to return them to get replacement. I did this (at my own expense) + never heard any more. Money down the drain. Good money after bad.

  • ejennifer

    I’ve had a similar experience to ZaO & i’m now looking to switch to another brand!
    I’ve had cartomizers new out of the pack & already dead before use. I’ve found that they last different amounts of time, for example 1 cartomizer will usually last me around 2 days, but every now & then it will only last half a day from the same amount of use & the battery life seriously sucks.

  • Roach

    Thanks for the review, if the flavor is not there I would not personally buy this product as flavor is key for me.

  • Kate

    The comments here are very negative making me reconsider my previous thoughts for the product.

  • doinh

    I’m now looking for an alternative to these, battery life is chronic, I now have to use 3 batteries for 1 cartridge, although having said that the life of the cartridges is a variable. If Ten Motives hadn’t been so greedy they would not have lost this customer.

  • Edwaldo

    Completely agree – my local shop sells 10 Motives and I too am stuck with they crappy lifespan and mediocre taste. And they’re enormous to boot..

  • karen

    it is satisfaction. it makes you feel like you dont need to have a real cig. but i am not sure about the smell first when i bought i hated the smell the smell wasnt like the tobacca. the second time i had to buy again there wasnt any other e cig in the a local shop. and i liked it and bought again. and this time the smell was so horrible i felt sick when you in heal the smell was like a gas. yes like a gas from lighter burning and you smoking. i feel more concern about smoking e cig than normal tobacco. i know tobacca is not healthy can cause cancer but i know who smokes normal cigarette they are still life in their 70 80 s and smoke for 50 years. e cig is the new thing i dont know if its really better option than normal tobacca after i felt tes of smoking gas from motives e cig. i dont know if i am damaging my body as nothing has been proven yet we wait to see what will happen next few or 5 10 years. hope we wont heat anything about people getiing cancer

  • bakewelltart

    I first bought a disposable menthol 10 motives to see if I thought they could help me to stop smoking. After half an hour I knew I was never going to buy another cigarette again – and that from a 20-30 a day habit over thirty three years. The disposable one was great though a little expensive so I bought one of their rechargeables (out of stock in menthol so I bought the tobacco one and a pack of cartridges in menthol). The tobacco one was disgusting; it tasted of burnt caramel and left a sweet flavour on my lips – it also leaked. I thought the menthol ones were OK but the flavour deteriorated as the cart emptied and became very unpleasant. I also found that the contents were variable – some carts lasting much longer than others. The battery is poor. I’ve kept it only because refills are easily available locally but I think I’d rather pay the premium for disposables should I find myself in need.
    So, they got me off cigarettes but weren’t good enough to keep me buying more.

  • Joseph Webb

    I was smoking over 20 cigarettes a day. I then started trying many different Electronic Cigarettes. I eventually tried VIP which taste amazing and enabled me to quit smoking instantly. I have been on these for 2 years now and only have not quit as I don’t feel the need to as I enjoy them.

    I found that menthol always taste better when it comes to electric cigarettes. [I used to smoke role ups]

    I left my battery’s and filters at home this morning!! Bad mistake.. I came across the 10MOTIVES disposable menthol cigarette.

    Compare to VIP, this thing is terrible. The Taste is so bad and the vapor leaves a horrible taste. I even went back and got another one thinking that was must be faulty or something. [NO DIFFERENCE]

    I recommend everyone to buy VIP not this rubbish. Myself, my girlfriend and two friends all quit after I recommended these to them.

  • Ten motives screw on nibs are always faulty. I would love to take the company to court. I have had about 400 faulty screw on nibs. They used to replace them. Then they stopped costing them to much money. The air would escape between the battery and nib. As you drag on the cig. Air used to come out. Some used to be blocked completely. Boss of the company said try the oil pipe. Why should i. The testing on these nibs are not done properly. They should not take money off people either. I bought a packet today and tastes like a higher milligram Take like glue not tobacoo. swapped them in the shop. still the same. has my taste .

  • margaret

    I been buying 10 motives for years. I kept phoning up and complaining. the air was escaping through the split. the joint between the disposable filter. kept phoning up. Some were fine still the same problem. now recently, the sweet taste has gone which i enjoyed. taste is really bad. sometimes it tastes like gas taste. Other times like burnt taste . horrible.

    • Matt

      Yes the taste has gone nasty, I have opened them up (and in the past I have opened the good ones) They used to be bright white on the membrane that holds the liquid and now they are a horrible dirty brown colour, and that’s what they taste like,the bottom of a mud pit (also about the thing that holds the liquid, I wouldn’t be as sure about this as I am in no doubt the colour has changed from white to dirt, but I think they have changed the material, it used to be more spongy, now it’s more like dirty cotton wool)

  • N

    I have been using 10 motives for nearly 2 years, it’s only in that last 3 months that I have been having problems with the refill cartridges they do not last long at all. I used to used 1 cartridge for 2 days now I’m using 3 in a day the quality of the cartridges has gone down and do not last- even with new batteries. very very disappointed as a loyal customer to them. Am going to have to change product which is a shame because the product was very good before.

  • jazz

    I have used 10 motives for a year now and was very happy with them but as others have said recently I have found the refills are not lasting long at all. I counted how many drags it took for my recent purchase to run out it was 35 at the cost they are I do not feel they are very good at all. A refill use to last a day and half this week I have gone through all 5 in the pack in one day! I have noticed that the refills in the thin plastic protective cover last longer then the thicker plastic? Iv made the decision to come off them prehaps its not such a bad thing!!

  • A

    I have used 10motives since June 2013 and till about 3-4 months I was very happy with them. Then the quality deteriorated drastically. From using about a cartridge a day, I now use 5 cartridges to get the same amount out. Also the flavour has changed. From a smooth tobacco flavour with a hint of caramel, the smoothness is gone, and as someone else wrote, some cartridges have an awful burnt flavour (like burnt food, not burnt cigarette). I have called 10motives only to be told that no one else has complained and have the high quality of the product spelled out to me.

    I am looking for another brand – 10motives seem not to care how lousy their product has become.

    • Adel

      I have used them for 2 years and yes quality and taste has changed over the last couple of months. I phoned up only to be told they don’t have complaints but if I have a cartridge that didn’t taste right I should send it back to them and they’ll send me a new one. That’s not the problem though. I’m now going to try other types of e cigarettes.

  • Matt

    Been hammering the 10 motives e cig for about 15 months now, I smoke it all day, I have three batteries and I always have a spare battery available, I have loved it – BUT: They were getting worse and worse, they now taste like dirt, I have written to them to tell them, I described it as a miserable trickle of warm disappointing fog, I have decided I would pull of the white cap to see what is going on, it used to be a bright white foam sort of membrane around the side where the liquid was, and now it is a dirty horrible nasty brown colour. Because I’ve loved them ever since quitting, I have really tried to stick with them, a week or two ago I wrote to them, but they have become totally unreliable, yet again I have just basically thrown 7.99 in the bin, and it’s not going to continue one single more day, I think if the thing is constantly going wrong, then it’s their fault, clearly they have done something to it…first thing in the morning I am off to give a new product a try and get myself a few batteries, (I don’t wanna use a mod or whatever you call it, I like smoking, that’s why I get a thing that is like a cigarette, that is to say – I don’t want something, that thinks it’s a thing better than smoking, in and of itself, and is “vaping” Vaping? it’s a substitute for smoking, I just say I smoke my e cig, and the refills, I call them filters….. Also a petrol station near my house that was one of the first places I bought them from no longer has them but still has a range so you never know if it’s getting out to the shops, clearly judging from the comments its a thing people are aware of

  • Ben

    I started using 10 motives in May 2013 and it really did stop me from smoking, but like several of the posters below I have more recently in the last two or three months (maybe more) found that the quality has changed dramatically. The refills don’t last nearly as long – I too only used about one refill a day and now get through several and also find that the vapour escapes between the refill and the battery. A shame that the brand is happy to compromise its integrity by producing a substandard product – presumably for higher profits. If you had asked me about 6 months ago what I thought about 10 motives I would have said they were a brilliant product (even a life-saving one) and I recommended it to several smokers I knew who wanted to give up. Now I will be looking for a different brand. I mailed 10 motives about this complaint and they told me that less than 1% are faulty. Either people don’t complain or I must be the unluckiest consumer out there!!!