Nearly Burned to Death as E-Cigarette Explodes

A 22 year old woman from Pembrokeshire, nearly burned to death simply because she was charging her electronic cigarette. Lucy May, who was asleep at her home in Tenby had decided to charge her e-cigarette overnight after a weekend away. The e-cigarette was plugged into her USB port as is customary to do with e-cigarettes. She woke to find her bedroom on fire and flames sweeping across the carpet. This was in the early hours of Tuesday morning as the flames engulfed her bedroom.

A visibly shaken, May, had suffered burns to her legs and commented that she was glad she had awoken. If she had slept only a few minutes more she feared her life would have been taken by the fire.

The e-cigarette had seemingly blown up whilst charging at the USB port in her computer. The fire must have ignited very quickly once the explosion occurred. Lucy May had been able to jump up and stamp the fire with a suitcase that was lying nearby.

The flames were so powerful that they had already started creeping up to her duvet where she lay sleeping. Thus, causing burns to her legs.

Lucy May added that she had been trying to quit cigarette smoking since last year. In an attempt to help her along she had purchased the eGo electronic cigarette at a Market for £35.00.

The ordeal has been terrifying for May, as she had explained that after being away she had wanted to charge the e-cigarette, which is a regular requirement. The e-cigarette had literally exploded causing flames a meter long to brand the walls and skip down to the carpet. May was not alone, in the home were her parents and her twin sister Leila and two children.

May was treated at the Morriston Hospital in Swansea, suffering from third degree burns to the legs, abdomen and hands. Another family member was treated for smoke inhalation. When asked to comment eGo the electronic cigarette company declined.