Electronic Cigarettes and Medicinal Market

This brand new nicotine inhaler may very well indicate a new advancement in what is an extremely tough and competitive market as it does show that the big guns are determined to break into this constantly growing market. News from the United Kingdom indicates that electronic cigarettes may very well be moving into the medicinal market thanks to a new product that has been created by British American tobacco.

The fact that it has been licensed as a medicinal product is certainly an interesting development especially considering the battles that have taken place regarding these items being sold for their apparent health benefits. However, British American Tobacco have certainly changed things around with the Voke Inhaler and it is pretty obvious as to why it may very well make substantial inroads in this tough marketplace.

You see, this particular item contains no electronics as well as their being no heat or combustion at any point in the process. It is also specifically designed to not only target the various electronic cigarettes already on the market, but more interestingly it is also going to tackle the well established nicotine patches and gums that have been around for some time. This may very well be a tall order for them, but they are obviously very confident in the product and believe that it can indeed grab a reasonable share of this massive market.

The actual product has been developed in conjunction with two companies, Kind Consumer and Consort Medical. Between the two of the time they have created a product that still delivers the nicotine requirements, but does so without the dangerous chemicals associated with normal smoking. The fact that they have been confident enough to apply for a medical certificate does show that they are happy with what the product offers the consumer and actually do believe that it will benefit people in a number of ways.

However, this is only the beginning of the road as they are still required to apply for a change to the licence that has already been granted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, or MHRA for short as they hold the key as to whether or not British American Tobacco can indeed press ahead with their plans to really push this product in the marketplace and on a widespread basis.

So what does this mean for the nicotine lover? It actually means quite a lot as there is now another option out there to take into consideration when it comes to potentially stopping smoking. Whether people take to this product or not is certainly up for debate, but then electronic cigarettes found it difficult to gain a foothold in the market for some time until the idea really took off. It can easily be the exact same with this product, but with the might of British American Tobacco behind it, you can expect it to have the best chance possible of being a success. It looks as if the electronic cigarettes market may have just become even more interesting.