Was the Reaction by Manchester United to E-Cigarette User Overboard?

Football clubs have somewhat strict rules that have more than once seen wayward funs thrown out of the stadium, suspended and in extreme cases, there seasons tickets confiscated. The recent incidence in which a diehard fan of Manchester city was thrown out due to using an e-cigarette has stirred some questions. You must be wondering if they went overboard.

Was this overboard? Reports confirm that the man was approached by security when he was seen Vaping. He was then escorted into a separated room for question during which his ticket for the season was confiscated on the grounds that Vaping was inadmissible. The fan was later informed by the head of security, Peter Fletcher through a letter that his ticket for the season was suspended pending any reasonable explanation.

A variety of reactions have been witnessed since that incidence and many people have been left wondering whether it was lack of common sense, or Fletcher was just playing by the rules when he was handling the e-cig issue. The management still holds on that the punishment was called for and that e-cig Vaping in the stadium was clearly prohibited.

Some funs and observers however find this action by Fletcher an overreaction, and was not warranted considering the relatively mild nature of the offense. Many people are of the opinion that a first warning against the fan Vaping his electronic cigarette would have been enough. Many other clubs are interestingly taking a different stand on this matter. Burley for example, is freely embracing the electronic cigarette and is in fact contemplating about selling their own electronic cigarette with their brand name.

The idea by such football clubs to embrace electronic cigarette Vaping in there stadium stems from the fact that most of their funs are smokers. Such funs if allowed they will spend more time in the stadium and spend more of their money on other things like drinks and food. Generally, this will increase the turn up and hence the sales on tickets and other items. Each football club however has its own set of rules that they play by, including what gets into their stadium and what doesn’t. Fans therefore have to be keen about individual set of terms and conditions for each club.

  • Jay

    It was Man City 🙂

  • I guess they should let people use electronic cigarettes in stadium, these devices are smoke free and much safer than standard cigarettes.

  • I don’t think this decision was overboard, when you know that smoking is prohibited in stadium than you should not violate the rules.

  • Sophie

    If a person is smoking a cigarette at a public place then it is harmful for the people around him especially at places such as malls, airports ad stadiums but, here the person is not smoking at all he was vaping an electronic cigarette that does not produce smoke. People buy electronic cigarettes from online stores and try different flavours and I have also used vanilla and mint flavour in public transport as these cigarettes are safe to use but, here as vaping is banned in the club so people should not vape or smoke. They can vape at places where use of e cigarettes is not prohibited.