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Founded in early 2012, the Lucky 8s Premium Electronic Cigarettes simulate a traditional tobacco smoking experience while using a non-tobacco product. Lucky 8s simulate the look of tobacco cigarettes, but instead use an electronic cigarette with the nicotine suspended in flavor liquid. The cartomizer is the device that holds the liquid and when attached to a battery looks very similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Lucky 8s have two types of starter kits, the Ultimate eCigarette and the Soft Pack. Lucky 8s also feature four different flavors for their cartomizers that include apple, cherry, menthol and classic tobacco. Each starter kit uses the classic tobacco flavor in its cartomizers. Currently, the nicotine content of each Lucky 8s e-cig is set at 16mg, though plans are to expand that range in the future.

The Lucky 8s Ultimate Starter Kit includes the following:

–          Portable Charging Case

–          2 Rechargeable Batteries

–          5 Cartomizers

–          Mains Wall Adaptor

–          USB Charger

–          User Guide

This starter kit is attractively packages and all the contents are neatly contained. The user guide is easy to follow and setting up the Lucky 8s Ultimate Starter Kit is simple and quick to accomplish. The look of the portable charging case mimics that of a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes and there are no LED lights to giveaway that it is an e-cig charger.

The portable charging case holds five cartomizers and two rechargeable batteries, although a sixth cartomizer can be easily stored as well. This case is crafted from durable, high quality materials and is very easy to use. The number of flavors are very helpful in deciding which types that the customer wants to order again. All of the flavors included are nicely done and rich in taste.

As for the performance of the cartomizer, the liquid flavor heated up nicely and the draw was smooth and efficient. The cartomizer did not get too hot and was easy to handle and manipulate. One cartomizer is roughly the equivalent of 20 tobacco cigarettes, perhaps even a few more if carefully used. The handling, use and recharging features make this a really fine unit that offers plenty of value.

The personal charging case (PCC) included with the product is not fancy and does not even sport LED lights that are traditional with many other PCC units. However, charging the PCC is simple as it uses the USB charger. Once the blue light at the end of the USB cable shuts off, the PCC is fully charged. The Lucky 8s Premium Electronic Cigarettes come with a one year warranty which covers the USB charger, the mains charger and the personal charging case. It takes roughly 1 ½ hours to fully recharge a battery through the PCC while the case itself takes roughly 4 ½ hours. This is comparable to many other electronic cigarette devices.

Overall, the performance of the Lucky 8s electronic cigarettes and the charging units are superb. Offering a great value for the money, Lucky 8s strikes the right balance between the simulated appearance of their PCC device and the high quality materials used to make the cartomizers. The flavors are well crafted and the overall quality of the Lucky 8s make this one of the best electronic cigarette brands on the market today. Save money when you use the Lucky 8s discount code above!