Latest E-Cig Is Taking Things To New Heights

The electronic cigarette has of course exploded onto the scene with it being seen as a safer way of getting that nicotine hit, but now there is a new version out that is just slightly different to what you would expect. A Dutch manufacturer has now taken the e-cig concept and applied it to cannabis allowing the user to get high either via a liquid form of the drug or the dried herb.

The company behind this new invention is called E-Njoint BV and the product that they have manufactured is deemed to be 100% legal and they already produce thousands of fruit flavored joints every single day and are now campaigning for their product to be recognized by health officials.

This is certainly an interesting development, but considering cannabis use is illegal in most countries it is difficult to see how various health authorities would then allow it to be used. Some countries do provide cannabis for medicinal use, but it would seem as if there is not a big enough market to justify the production of such an item on a large scale.

The electronic cigarette has seen a substantial growth in its popularity in recent years and it is now becoming a dominant force in the tobacco industry. The news that somebody has tried to produce the first e-joint is hardly a surprise, but people that campaign against the use of these cigarettes will surely use this development in order to try to further their case. They argue that these cigarettes actually encourage people to try smoking as they are portrayed as a healthy alternative, so it is only a matter of time before they argue that this e-joint will only do the same, but this time with soft drugs.

The question here is whether or not this is worse than those liquid flavors that include the likes of bubblegum or cola as they come across as being aimed more at children rather than anybody else. The anti e-cig campaigners have used these flavors as being a major reason as to why they should either be banned or heavily regulated, so they will be rubbing their hands in glee at this latest development.

Whether or not this e-joint will actually make any in-roads is yet to be seen, but there is no doubt that there will be a small market for it among cannabis users who will see it as a novelty. However, the chances of it being taken on by various countries seems to be pretty low just as you would expect it to be.