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There is little doubt about the popularity of Green Smoke. Behind V2 and Blu Cigs, Green Smoke is the third most popular electronic cigarette in the world. The Green Smoke is certainly one of the more celebrated e-cigs in the US and has established a reputation for quality and variety, although it also has garnered the tag of being somewhat expensive compared with many other e-cig products. The Green Smoke itself was one of the first e-cig companies to provide a two-part electronic cigarette system with a cartomizer and battery instead of the older three part units that was available before. While it is true that the Green Smoke kits were near the top of the line in terms of price, today classic kits of Green Smoke now sell for nearly the same price and many of the more popular e-cigs today.

The principle behind the Green Smoke and other electronic cigarettes is to provide the best smoking experience. Inside each cartomizer in the Green Smoke system is a container where the flavoring liquid where the nicotine is held. When the smoker draws in on the end, the atomizer heats up the liquid and creates water vapor which is then inhaled into the lungs. This means that Green Smoke is just simply amazing to use. Perhaps the biggest asset of the Green Smoke product is that they provide some of the best e-liquids for flavor of any electronic cigarette product. The taste, variety, and balance of the flavors are still quite remarkable. The full flavor is very refreshing and is certainly the most appealing aspect of the Green Smoke e-cig.

Another advantage of Green Smoke is the ample variety of flavors that smokers can choose. This means that investing in Green Smoke will be well worth it for those who want to continue smoking and enjoy having a variety of flavors. Also, the battery which is the power source for the atomizer is quite sensitive and allows for quick drawing on the Green Smoke product. Green Smoke is designed for quick, easy use and it still is one of the best on the market. There is little doubt that the Green Smoke provides the right experience for those who either want to continue their habit and save money as well. However, Green Smoke is somewhat more expensive than much of the competition, although to be fair the price today is fairly close to many other e-cig brands. Another slightly annoying fact is that the excellent battery is on automatic and not manual which means you cannot shut it down without unscrewing it from the cartomizer.

Overall, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is a great value for the money. The simple, straightforward system can be quickly picked up and used by those new to e-cigs. Plus, the variety of good flavors has made this one of the most sought after products on the market today. The Green Smoke e-cig system is the perfect choice. Save money when you use the Green Smoke discount code above!