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Many smokers found the cigarette ban in places like the United Kingdom frustrating and cumbersome. Some people even stopped venturing out, opting instead for home comforts, which included being able to light up a cigarette and not be harassed by non-smokers. This of course opened up a whole new market, namely the electronic cigarette. The E-Cig as it is more commonly known provides a non-harmful alternative to regular cigarettes by omitting a harmless vapour upon draw and inhalation.

The vapour delivers nicotine into the system of the smoker much like FDA approved gum or patches. The only difference is that the now ex-smoker can enjoy the same actions and satisfaction from smoking as the E-Cig is similar in structure. The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette launched itself amid this non-smoking political climate. Just like other electronic cigarettes they offered a simple to assemble smoking option, which included a cartomiser and battery. The cartomiser contained the nicotine and also formed the cigarette shaft and the battery was morphed into a filter.

They also launched a range of tasty flavours including grape, coffee, cherry and cola as well as the regular tobacco taste, which regular smokers appreciated. The regular tobacco flavour enhances the whole realistic smoking experience. Many smokers are different and some require a heavier nicotine release than others. This is why the various nicotine strengths are offered. After buying your first electronic cigarette it is pertinent to know at which levels your nicotine addiction is at. This way you will not feel shortchanged when switching to a e-cigs by also getting to enjoy the satisfaction and release associated with them.

Looking Closely at the Gamucci Electronic Cigarette

The actual cigarette comes in a cardboard box, not like that of a packet of cigarettes but of a stronger material. Starting off with electronic cigarettes could be a little confusing for some, so the starter kit option is often the best place to start. The Gamucci Starter Kit comes with two batteries, a USB charger along with a UK plug adapter and a European plug adapter for mains charging. Included in the kit are a welcome and advisory manual, as well as a sling bag to store your goods in and a 3-pack cartomiser.

The smoking experience starts as soon as the filter or battery is screwed into the cartomiser. Much like a normal cigarette all you do thereafter is draw in the vapour. A nice feature is that the battery is already charged so there is no delay upon purchase and smoking, which is useful. Once a person has made up their mind to quite regular smoking they are normally hyped up enough to want to get straight to the vapour release.

The Most Important Part – Battery Life

While all parts are important to the electronic cigarette experience, including the look, feel and taste of the cigarette possibly the battery life is most pertinent. If it is too short the smoker could be left high and dry waiting until it can be charged again. The Gamucci E-Cig is said to supply up to 378 puffs on a fully charged battery. This can vary much like if you buy two light-bulbs one could go faster than the other, but there is definitely a higher and longer charge rate than average.


If you want to switch to the safer option of the E-Cig, Gamucci offers a simplified option along with their terrific Gamucci discount code of which includes your cartomiser and battery as well as various charge options. The packaging mimics that of a regular box of cigarettes with an additional sling bag to keep the storage neat and handy. There are 5 nicotine options and 8 flavours to choose from. The long-life battery ensures smooth operation when making the switch over from regular smoking. Gamucci is offering a safer free alternative to cigarette smoking worldwide and is a trusted manufacturer that has been in operation since 2007.