E-Cigarette Explodes Causing Severe Damage to Property

Jonathan Tovey, who works in a restaurant, was lucky to escape without any injury to his person, when his fruit flavoured e-cigarette exploded in his bedroom. The explosion sent fiery pieces of the e-cigarette across the room setting the chair and the carpet ablaze. Tovey was fortunate that the incident occurred while he was away from the room.

Tovey, aged 23 and a resident of Hathern, who had ordered the device online through Ebay to support him in his efforts to quit, points out that he could have sustained heavy injuries to his face, had the e-cigarette exploded while he was taking a puff. Alternatively, he surmises that his leg would have borne the brunt of the explosion if he had been carrying the device in his pocket.

Jonathan, who had returned to have a coffee after tending to the chickens outside, heard the smoke alarm and saw black smoke billowing out of the bedroom upstairs.

Seeing his bedroom on fire, Jonathan called the fire service before managing to put out the fire with jugs of water.

Fire investigators indicated that battery of Jonathan’s device, commonly called e-shisha pen, had exploded. Jonathan stated that at the time of the incident, the device was not charging and confirmed that he had decided to get rid of the other similar devices he had.

Jonathan’s step-father Kevin Harris is relieved that Jonathan escaped injury but is concerned about the sudden, unexpected explosion. He said that besides the burnt chair and carpet, the bedroom and the landing are blacked with soot.

According to Kevin, this is not the only such incident and wants to alert other people to the danger. He plans to take up the issue with trading standards.

Paul Davis, team leader of County Hall trading standards confirmed that the fire service had brought the issue of exploding shisha pen batteries to their notice. He informed that they had bought some shisha pens online which would be sent for testing in a laboratory. According to Davis, there is some evidence that suggests that overcharging the lithium-ion batteries could cause them to explode.

A spokeswoman for the fire service stated that the overheating of the electronic cigarette caused the fire and that the major part of the damage was due to smoke rather than the fire itself.